Benderskum- 12.00 {midday}

“We have the great pleasure of Benderskum {Maybe some know him as Rocky} appearing at PCB festival  He’s  on  Friday at  midday

He  will be talking about The history of prohibition starting with a brief timeline leading into the birth of organised crime right up until present day interspersed with the odd relevant poem or two.

Ex-tramp, Ex-teacher,

Ex-tremely inappropriate

Scribbler of scribbles and writer of well…

Blah, blah, blah to be fair

Anarchist Geriactivist who once stood for parliament

I’ve been asked to write a blah, blah, blah explaining  who I am

Well I’m just a loud mouthed benderskum but a very peaceful man

I used to teach in sign language to people that are deaf

Nowadays it’s hard to stand or even catch a breath

My blood is completely female and if you think that’s weird

I’m what is called chimera and cannot grow a beard

I lived in the woods near Canterbury, Kent for a minute or two or three

Happily there in my bender underneath a tree

Someone put leukaemia in my pocket when I was a tad distracted

With a great big fuck you smile is the way that I reacted

My hearts is always on my sleeve and always on display

Old benderskum never really die, they only smell that way

So I asked the doc who looked concerned what chance do you think I’ve got

She told me 17 percent at which I needed pot

It makes me smile at difficulty and so, so, so much more

It gives me strength to stand and fight this prohibitionists war

I am an eco activist and believe in our autonomy

Not the greedy take, take, take of this capitalist economy

I sometimes write these verses and sometimes I just paint

But a poet or an artist is something that I ain’t

I am just a scribbler and I’ve scribbled for a while

One thing you can guarantee though is my crooked fucking smile

You may win on the roundabout or even on the swings

Then be quite oblivious to someone tugging on your strings

But I’m a fucking benderskum and happy as can be

Impervious to the bullshit and there ain’t no strings on me