Dee Belle: 5pm

We welcome Dee onto PCB radio

A New Paradigm for Wellness The Central Birmingham Division Compassion Club is an open group for anyone who uses cannabis for spiritual, medical or recreational reasons. The club was officially launched in January 2017, with Jeff Ditchfield from Bud Buddies UKas one of our founder members. General informative meetings with members and non-club members are held on a regular basis along with our drop in Compassion Café. We aim to review the relationship with the controversial healing properties of the cannabis plant; whilst striving to share knowledge and expertise from fellow consumers who believe that cannabis should not be criminalised. After lobbying at Parliament and spreading knowledge over the last few years we can definitely say that we have been heard. We look forward to fuelling thoughtful discussions about cannabis, science and law as well as its physical, mental and biological effects on the human being.