Hannah Wenn – Between 17.00 to 22.00


Mother Earth platform – Friday between 17.00 to 22.00

We welcome Hanna onto mother earth part of the Pcb festival. We asked Hanna to tell us a little history of herself ^& Dexter .

My 3-year-old son Dexter has global developmental delay & non-verbal autism. He has been using CBD for well over a year now & it has helped him massively, Dexter was having amazing results from using a few drops of our 2in1 oil in his drink twice a day, I mean AMAZING results, this kid started walking a couple weeks after using CBD & became more sociable, rather than being in his own little world constantly.

I have recently moved Dexter over to a water-soluble tincture because although he had been using CBD for a long time, he still suffered with social anxiety, detachment issues, found it hard to understand his emotions & didn’t interact much with other children.

Since we have switched Dexter over to the water-soluble tincture, using it in exactly the same way, at exactly the same strength, I am so happy to report that we have seen great results for Dexter & I now feel like he is getting the full potential he could of been getting all of this time from consuming CBD.

Dexter no longer has a complete meltdown when I drop him off at pre-school for the day & that isn’t just from him settling in either, he has been going there for well over a year. If you’re a parent reading this you will know how heartbreaking it is to leave your child crying for you, so even this on it’s own has been an absolute win for me.

He also seems to be more in touch with his emotions & knows how to show how he feels to you without becoming frustrated. Knowing how to show love, having him ask for me to sit with him & just have a cuddle has been the most incredible experience to share with him.

Not only that he has been able to control himself a lot better than usual when it comes to getting angry & annoyed, which is going to happen no matter what, he’s got an annoying little sister that wants everything he has constantly. I think anyone would find that annoying. But he no longer tries to hurt her out of frustration, I mean they still bicker but they’re siblings so that has to be expected.

He has also started to play alongside other children a lot more & wants to become involved with what others are doing, rather than just doing his own thing all of the time & no really caring about anything going on in his surroundings.

The preschool has also made comments about how much of an improvement he has made since making the switch & they are seeing so many positive changes in so many different areas of his development.