Lisa Quarrell-Between 17.00 to 22.00

We welcome Lisa onto Mother earth. We aske her for a little history about her situation
My son Cole is a 7-year-old boy and younger brother to Dylan.
Cole was diagnosed with focal epilepsy on his left temporal lobe at just 3 months old. By the time he was 1 we were told he was drug-resistant and by the age of 2, he had brain surgery, a leisionectomy on his left temporal lobe.

To date, Cole has tried 20 anti-seizure medicines with no success.

In November 2018 I started Cole on his first whole-plant cannabis oil with great success and since March 2019 Cole has been taking Bedrolite whole-plant cannabis oil which has completely changed his life for the better and I now have my son back.

Cole is no longer a zombie on 3 different pharmaceutical medicines, he now dreams, sleeps laughs and lives his best life.

In February I almost lost Cole, when he went from riding a two-wheeler bike to being completely wheelchair-bound by March. I had to break the law to save my son and I have absolutely no regrets.