Phil Monk WTU – 2pm

We have the pleasure of having Phil on Pcb .

Well who doesn’t know this kind hearted gentleman , fighting for each and everyone off you

Iv’e watched this man go to canna events all full of beans , then to see him broken , but still keeping us all up to date on what is happening with WTU

I had being chatting to Phil on FB he was outlining how hard KYR . I have managed to get the man to pen a bit of history about himself which we have added below ..

I’m Phil Monk, a 41-year-old Walsall born, Shropshire lad, raised in North Wales, now living in the heart of wonderful Wiltshire. I’m also a non-practicing teacher of Spanish, literacy, ESOL & numeracy, single father of three, and now a human rights, cannabis activist disabled by chronic myofascial pain from joint hypermobility syndrome, bilateral ulnar impaction syndrome, arthritis, PTSD and depression.

I’d used cannabis in secret, like so many, from the age of 16. I thought I was just another “pothead”.

Now, after 6 years of extensive reading, I realise this was to manage my PTSD from childhood abuses. 19 years later in 2014, after suffering the life-threatening side effects from prescribed Pharma drugs, including a brain haemorrhage, mini-stroke and two cancer scares, I came smashing out of the “CannaCloset” on a quest for social change, first for “medicinal cannabis”, and now for freedom and equality for all who choose cannabis and make our community.

After a spur-of-the-moment decision in March 2018, I am now the founder and representative of a community group called We The Undersigned Have a Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis, aka WTU.

WTU believe all have a human right to access and home grow cannabis for adult use, as cannabis is a super nutritious herb that maintains homeostasis, leading to good health, wellbeing and happiness. Fundamental human rights.

WTU believe that UK people should have the equal human rights to cannabis as the Mexicans.

Our WTU Facebook group has grown to 5700+ members in almost 2 years and we are actively campaigning to achieve the end of cannabis prohibition laws, seeking equality in law and society with the consumers of the poisonous, highly toxic recreational drug alcohol, which, unlike cannabis, definitely causes disease and psychosis, yet its consumers are not “protected” by criminalisation!

All because allegedly cannabis is worthy of schedule 1 status with Class B sentencing, yet this has always been fraudulent.

WTU does not fight for “medical cannabis” but for the fundamental human rights to the freedom of choice, beliefs and practices, a private life, to self determination and our freedom of consciousness.

WTU believe in the decriminalisation of the actions of the CannaCommunity I.e. to possess, cultivate, prepare and share cannabis without a HO licence with friends or family for non- commercial purposes, free from restrictions or licenses

WTU also seeks the legal regulation of the as yet unlicensed and uncontrolled cannabis market.

Considering we can home brew booze and drink alone or with friends, even unto eventual disease or death, so long as we do not sell our home brew.

Yet we are threatened with 14 years on prison if we home grow perhaps the most nutritious herb on the planet to maintain our health, wellbeing and happiness as we have determined best for ourselves.

Whilst a Corporation can pay the Home Office for a licence so they can cultivate cannabis and sell for vast profits to those able to afford them.

Where is the equality in that?

This is elitist economical, social and cultural discrimination and we must overcome for the sakes of the poorest in our land to still have the right to cultivate and receive the many potential benefits of cannabis.

The term “medicinal cannabis” is misleading to make folks think it is different to recreational cannabis.

There is only cannabis!

Poorly or well cultivated cannabis, either under licence or unlicensed, with high or low THC, organically or synthetically fed, in soil or hydroponics, indoors or outside.

The only difference is the skill of the cultivators and the intent or desired purpose of the consumer.

The exact same cannabis can be utilised for all purposes, whether nutritional, medical, spiritual, creative or relaxational!

WTU fights for all purposes.

Cannabis used for medical purposes is the more accurate way to express it.

But saying medicinal cannabis makes this illusionary binary, moralistic reality between medical and so called recreational cannabis use.