Proff Mike Barnes – 1pm

We have the great pleasure of Prof Mike Barnes to PCB festival

Consultant neurologist and medical cannabis expert, Professor Mike Barnes has dedicated his career to the development of neurological rehabilitation and medical cannabis awareness, education and clinical excellence.

Professor Barnes brings his expertise to global medical cannabis and CBD wellness organisations, educates clinicians and patients and advocates for a sensible and robust approach to medical cannabis prescribing in the UK.

Professor Barnes is committed to securing access to medical cannabis for all patients that need it in the UK.

Medical cannabis can be life changing for people living with chronic conditions and he is dedicated to increasing access to this treatment for everyone.

Through Maple Tree, Prof. Barnes and Hannah Deacon provide expert consultancy for leading organisations in the medical cannabis and CBD wellness sectors.

Prof Barnes is Chair of The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, a community of medical cannabis pioneers. The Society is an expert-led, independent, not-for-profit community, dedicated to bringing this safe, legal and effective medicine to people living with chronic conditions.

Its mission is to give clinicians access to evidence, training, expert guidance, peer support and licensed product information so they can prescribe life-changing medical cannabis treatments to all patients in the UK.