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Why And How You Should Always Challenge The Charges!


“When I first got involved with the cannabis law reform movement about 5 years ago, it seemed sensible to me that the first thing I should do is research the charges.

As I’ve experienced myself, the police do NOT hand out these charges properly. Any cop will tell you you’re being charged with possession/cultivation, whatever, of a class B drug. Cannabis is NOT a class B drug! The referral to the class B penalty is a breach integrity, which is detailed by Parliament in the seven pillars of public life that are the foundations of the policeman’s attestation (contractual terms and conditions of employment) as;


Holders of public office must avoid placing themselves under any obligation to people or organisations that might try inappropriately to influence their work. They should not act or take decisions in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their family, or their friends. They must declare and resolve any interests and relationships.

All fines go towards paying police pensions! So I would say they’re placing themselves under obligation to those pensions companies and their colleagues retirement funds.

The charges should be read out that you are being charged with possession/cultivation, etc, of a schedule one controlled substance in contravention of the misuse of drugs act 1971, which carries a class B penalty.

I was once stopped on a train by a group of police when I had a half joint in my pocket. I admitted I had it and as I stood so that they could search me, my back went as I suffer from some serious spinal issues. As one of them went off to check my details, I got talking to another. I said to him, “You do realise I’m a medi user?”

He replied, “I can see that.”

And with that, I had his life for the next few minutes!

“Hang on, you can see I’m a medi user but you’re about to charge me with what you claim is a schedule one substance that has no medicinal benefit?”

“Class B drug.”

“Excuse me? What do you mean class B drug? Its a schedule one drug. The class B refers to the penalty. Are you telling me you’re handing out these charges and you’ve never heard the term schedule one?”

At this point he’s flashing between red and white not knowing where to look.

“Never heard it in my life!”

I head straight in to the other carriage where his colleague is checking my details.

“Excuse me pal, have you ever heard the term schedule one?”

“Nope. Never heard it in my life!”

At this point the volume in my voice goes up a couple of points for the benefit of everyone in the carriage.

“Right then! Unless you can provide evidence for the schedule one status of cannabis, as currently legislated for, you can stick your charges where the sun don’t shine! You’re committing fraud!”

He starts to panic. “No further action! No further action!” and I walked away!!

I did the same again when invited by Simpa Carter of Durham City Cannabis Club to one of his local PACT meetings. I got talking to one of the lead cops on site about cannabis. Specifically the schedule one status. I informed him that I knew the schedule one status of cannabis is un-evidenced and therefore ideological. I didn’t tell him that I had found out by going looking for that evidence and being unable to find it, got in touch with my local PCC who told me that evidence doesn’t exist.

He replied, “Its a highly political subject.”

“So you realise the schedule one status is un-evidenced and therefore ideological and that the whole situation around cannabis is highly political then?”

“Oh yeah”

“Right, well you’ve just put yourself in to a position of misconduct in public office for violations of the terrorism act 2000.”

His face dropped and told me everything I needed to know!

In the UK, the best defence is a good education as proved by Jeff Ditchfield recently when he was de-arrested after pushing for a crown court appearance despite being threatened with 14 years inside by the CPS.

The system is one of institutionalised gambling. The CPS will try to intimidate you in to pleading guilty to the charges, and most will as they simply don’t have the knowledge to defend themselves properly. Those otherwise known as low hanging fruit.

However its all a bluff. They’re holding no cards whatsoever!! Can you imagine if the CPS actually provided solid data that cannabis meets the criteria for a schedule one substance? How many patents and multi million pound investments would be destroyed by it? Ask for the FOUNDATION EVIDENCE for the schedule one status in court and what happens when they can’t back up those charges? Their case would collapse straight away!!

As the old saying goes, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. But there isn’t actually anything to fear. Just look at America with legalisation. Records expunged, confiscations and fines reimbursed and compensation packages, as well as well paid jobs because they have no one who can do the work as well as those that they’ve spent years vilifying and criminalising.

Now while we may have low hanging fruit on our side, the cops themselves are the low hanging fruit of the government cartel!

We are policed by consent. So if you accept charges, you are consenting to cannabis being a schedule one substance as charged and that’s the way you’ll be treated.

DO NOT consent to arrest and file a citizens arrest against the officer straight away. When signing any paperwork, always write ‘under duress’ above your signature to protect your legal rights.

Cannabis does not meet the criteria for a schedule one substance. That is false by representation which is a breach of the fraud act 2006.

Cannabis is not a controlled substance in the UK as many MP’s and PCC’s have commented on multiple times. False by representation, fraud act 2006.

Misuse of drugs; cannabis is a recognised medicine in various countries for various conditions and there are patents alluding to it. False by representation, fraud act 2006.

The schedule one status is un-evidenced and therefore ideological, the whole situation around it highly political and seeing as the original case for prohibition involved rich white men sat in kangaroo courts talking about how one marijuana would make white women want to sleep with black and Latino jazz musicians, a breach of the terrorism act 2000 and Crime and Disorder Act 1998, Section 32 for being racially aggravated as recent stop and search statistics show.

There are obviously more than one person involved with the enforcement of prohibition policies which is a breach of the criminal act 1977 for the offence of conspiracy.

All of which means that the police are performing malicious prosecutions, through abuse of process, thereby perverting the course of justice.

This way, you’re using criminal law and employment law as you’re bringing their attestation in to play. They’ve not done their due diligence or they would know that the schedule one status is un-evidenced. They’ve breached honesty by claiming it is which is far from fair or impartial. And they’ve also breached article 9 of fundamental human rights for arbitrary detention. The police have a legally binding, contractual obligation to uphold fundamental human rights in their attestation, so we’re now adding human rights law as well. By imposing fraud, criminal conspiracy, terrorism and legislation founded in race hate, they’re also exposing us all to offence.

All of this means that every officer across the land is in a position of misconduct in public office for the enforcement of cannabis prohibition policies.

Most think the legislation is there only for the police to use. Its not! Its there for us to use just as much as it is them.

Can you imagine the desk sergeants face when you walk in to a station with a copper who you’ve placed under citizens arrest? Imagine the headlines it would make and the costs of the court case to defend against those charges!!

However it’ll never happen as the CPS have been actively obstructing and perverting the course of justice for at least 5 years that I know of, as they simply won’t allow anyone who can put up a sustained case against legislation from getting in front of a jury. The usual excuse given is that its not in the public interest to bring a prosecution and so the status quo is maintained.

A status quo that costs the tax payer £65,000 to send someone to jail, a further £40,000PA to keep them there, at which point they’re slaved out by private prisons to tax avoiding corporations, earning 50p per hour, undermining legitimate jobs and wages.

As long as people don’t challenge charges, they’ll keep getting away with it. Challenge, make it too costly to defend and watch how rapidly things change!!

Make sure you hit as many points of policy as possible as cannabis is not just a drug!! Its a highly versatile multipurpose material resource that could have enabled energy independence without the the need for fossil fuels, as detailed by a Henry Ford commissioned study in 1925.

The prohibition of cannabis at this time in history when you consider the impacts of fossil fuels on climate change and the plastics crisis, isn’t just a crime against humanity, its a crime against all life on Earth!!

And as long as we keep standing for it, it’ll continue!! Challenge the charges and be the change you want to see in the world!!”

By Trev Coleman


  • Chris Morgan

    When you get busted for anything cannabis related, you’re charged with possession/cultivation etc of a schedule one controlled substance.

    Yet here we have proof from the CPS that they can’t realistically get a conviction on the claim of control.

    Do you know why that is??

    It’s illegal to profit from black market activity! If the government admit control, then they’re admitting controlling the black market and therefore profiting from it.

    So, if its illegal to profit from black market activity, why is it being taxed to the tune of £10 billion every year??

    See why they would never admit to control and rather acquit to maintain the status quo??

    Institutionalised gambling, industrial scale fraud and state sponsored terrorism is what our so called justice system truly is!!

    Big up to Horst Rottweiler for having the balls to stand his ground!!

    This has been part of my defence for 7 years now and he’s just used it to get acquitted!! Now he’s going for civil claim and compensation package.

    Well done man!!

    So, what are you going to do??

  • Chris Morgan

    Guy Coxall
    Thanks to everyone who is providing contacts for the press. We really need to get this campaign out Nationally, Internationally even. If anyone wants to send info to the press, please send the following:
    The latest edition of the report: ‘Cannabis and the Law – No Evidence, No Crime?’ can be found here:…/Cannabis-and-the-Law…
    The covering letter being sent out to PCC’s and Police Chiefs tomorrow is here:…/PCC-Police-Chief…
    And here is the Press Release to be sent out to the press.
    The press release and the 2 documents above need to be sent out to each contact.
    If you want to start today, please feel free, Thanks.

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