Sebster {PCB Crew}

Sebster a original girl scooterist from back in the 1982


Her music influence was The Jam ,The Who , Siouxsie and the Banshees

Seb & her Mum Weymouth
Sebs org patch from the rally

She attended her first scooter rally in 1994 & was forever on her scooters she had a few vespa & lamie and a few cut down , she was a girl on her scoot everyday sunshine rain & snow {we even came off the scooters in the snow lol}

Seb was always first on the dance floor and the last person to be dragged of it lol & the girl can sing & them that know her she has. a smile that would light up the darkest tunnels .

She got into kickboxing in 1994 which brought her to black belt status winning three championships {I remember when i first met my wife and all her trophies were around the house , i didn’t know what they were for , she says . just my kickboxing trophies , you should see all my dads} Her dad is a master in Wadō-ryū


Seb & Swifty got married 18/10/2010

Seb & swifty wedding day

Seb sadly had. a series rd accident in 06/01/2011 leaving her with a host of disabilities . leaving her in hospital for 5months

With her life turned and flipped around just shortly after our wedding , I was left in a town on my own dealing with daily visits to Seb to come home to this {Thankfully had Mandy taking me daily to hossy THANK YOU SIS }

Once seb was home & the house was adapted for her , one of her disabilities was her short term memory , where she couldn’t remember meeting me , our wedding or anything about our past .

When Seb was in hospital her third week in a comma they said they would bring her out of comma slowly , I brought some music up to play beside her bed . we put one of the small earphones into her ear next thing we’re hearing her voice boom out

Now listen here Harry
If we’re going down the pub
You’d better tell your mum and dad
And finish up your grub
I wish you’d listen to me
No, I don’t want a cup of tea
this is what song seb heard

We hadn’t heard seb in three weeks and thought we had lost her , so to hear her sing was beautiful awesome fucking chilling

Once out and home I thought id try and teach Seb how to bdj as she loved music and the fact she couldn’t tell you was singing , but she could sing the songs all day long from loads of artists that we both liked

i then build the studio around seb as she could not stand to dj

Seb sound got into the swing of things and does all the shows now with me {swifty} she has being Djing now since 2011 & has blossomed


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