Swifty {PCB Crew}


Growing up with johnny cash being a massive part of my musical heritage my music taste has always been a little country rebel 

 I’ve been behind decks since 1984 , buying my first soundlab belt drive decks with a two channel gemini mixer 

Got into putting illegal parties on from 1994 in Ireland & UK & Europe for some years .

Soitiz free parties : 

I set soitiz up alongside me best mate Betz {Who sadly passed away april 2013} along with Nog Havok/ resident and owner of Gridlock system .

I meet Nog at Havok Where later on we done Havok V Soitiz Nights   . we got talking about doing free parties in Derbyshire , and what we wanted to do was have the six resident djs that had a slot at each gig & that at least  three new djs would be added to each gig . and that in the morning times Ska & Reggae till we go home . Nog agreed to this & we could use his 14k Gridlock rig .  

So myself & Betz went over to seek Mick The Hat . after some traveling about we came to three massive warehouse that was due to be pulled down .

We set the ball in motion and pulled of the 1st one it was “minus fucking nine “ we had twelve Djs playing & a live Pa even though it was freezing that night we pulled of a great 1st party . Soon we were planning the next one and called it “Return of the Shedi” this time we contacted NTA {Sheffield lads} with regards them being part of the party . we also had  a DnB rig in the third warehouse i can’t remember the name of it {sorry} . 

One of “Soitiz” biggest ever parties well over a 1000 punters. 

I was dealing with the old bill until about two am. I was due to play at 3 am. 

I went into the “Soitiz” room it was full and what a buzz it was playing to you all. Sadly that morning while I was trying to reopen the big shutter. A lad ran across the roof, I heard him crash through the roof onto the floor. 

Radio one later announced that he had died, he hadn’t died and this lad has had countless accidents since then, being in the hospital a total of four times I know off.

We carried on Doing parties but moved back out to the Derbyshire countryside using places like Goyt Valley – lady bower – blue john – Flash – Buxton -Crew – and other areas. We didn’t just stick to Derbyshire we also did Sheffield, Leeds, Stafford, Manchester, Birmingham, Stockport, Macclesfield We were a large part of the Missing in Manchester warehouse which was of the largest squats in the north for some yrs http://www.happyhardcore.com/forums… 

My fav Soitiz party was the three days one in the outdoor activity places where we had Djs & live Pas from all over the Uk’s various club events & free party crews.
playing Techno & Ska blasting out music for three days with our bar & beds for all Djs. I was always in charge of dealing with the old bill, which as they who know me, it was fucking insane same times lol.
I did have a few farewell parties. After a few parties they knew what Soitiz was like.
We left the places in better condition than we found them in, no crime has ever committed no assaults or racism & NO ARRESTS EVER.
At all Soitiz parties, we would have ten Djs playing techno as soon as am came about in the sun was out me, Leo & Rick {Trikster} would play the best in Ska & Reggae we would do this for a few hours, then pack up the rig and folk would come back to my gaff in Manchester which hosted most of Soitiz shenanigans for eight yrs Once back in Lower Broughton the music would carry on sometimes for days. some of the folk I’d like to mention that were a big big part of the shenanigans ill name here if I forgot you sorry

Betz – Nog – Tara – Tracy {thanks for all the lifts } Leo – Rick & Ange {love you both xx} RobDt- Scouse Carl – Bristol kris- Alison & the gas man -Janet  – Paul Oswin – Slam- Kaz – Mossy- Chaz – Morgy – Darren & Brian the van Driver – Header – Jez – Mick Beatle – Niki – Magic – Dave -Jimmy edd – Matt & Amber – Jamie – Cheeky – Ben – Charlotte – Caz – Mike Verling {got us our 1st big printer thanks & for that lift from return of the shedi} – Dancing Brian – Big Mike – Andy & Jeff – Dan & James & Edd  – Acid Mike – Shady Mick – Gloss -Gina – Niki – Bo – Stevie – Hailey {thanks for all the promotion you done for us } Pete & Sally –   Joe & Karen – Chris – Gavin {who lived with me for a bit} – Stockport Steve – Ian – Harry – Anthony – Tez & Pete – Emma – Nadia , Phil & jenny – Lucy Moo – James {Soitiz resident RIP} – Cavan chrisPeople who  have shared the soitiz HQ were we partied  left with me to go to events like – lee Scratch Perry – Toots & the Maytals – prince buster -: A lot of the names I mentioned together  were in relationships but aren’t anymore . 

Sadly I& Betz had a massive fall out In 2004 & I took the whole of Soitiz over, thankfully we made up again. On that 1st meeting once again a bottle of Jameson’s whiskey, our flat in manchester the Jameson’s bottles we collected lol. We sadly lost Betz in 2013 no one will know the friendship we had, which went way back in the late 80s. There wasn’t much we didn’t do lol & we pulled off some great parties together which I remember with pure happiness right now as I type this.
Betz went on to form inner-city techno and kept partying right to the end RIP mate see you soon & we will have that milk bottle bong …
I carried on doing Soitiz parties in Derbyshire right up till 2008 then I started setting up the Soitiz database website, where I interviewed loads of top Djs & producers including Jeff Mills & Ben Sims.
We had it set up as a database with upcoming events, record labels. New releases, DJ profiles – section six & squatting laws This I kept going for a few yrs with quite a lot of traffic, top admins on board with online tech help for DJs & producers. In 2011 I set up Soitiz radio with again wanting to promote the new upcoming Dj s the 1st show went down well, so I started asking friends on FB who were Djs would they be up for putting podcasts together for the radio.
Soon I had enough DJs lined up to plan in months advance, which I did, I then put 12Mts worth of events out in Jan 2012, with at least two shows per month sometimes three, each with at least six DJs playing.


The DJs were from all walks of life from across the globe. New bedroom Djs were getting some airtime & people got to hear their skills,the banter was all good on the radio, { http://mixlr.com/pcb-soitiz-reloade… } 

Even some Djs got gigs MK303 a nice gig in France. Some record labels were formed on the back of Soitiz radio 

A vast amount of the 250 odd DJs that have played on Soitiz radio With loads of new talent appearing on Soitiz I thought why not set up Soitiz records Soitiz Records Was Launched 10 Sep 2012 after I spoke in lengthy emails between Chris & Arron Lib . . I got a confirmation of SUF HQ that all was great and I had been given the go-ahead to release Soitiz on 909 The Soitiz records were to be solely sold on 909 I agreed to that & we were off. All of the listed tracks here were produced solely for Soitiz label Soitiz 00 – Squatin On Acid Ep Soitiz 00 01- 

Swifty & Autopimp “Audio Processing Solution” {NUMBER ONE ON 909}

Soitiz 00 -02-  MK303 “Make way for technology”

Soitiz 00 -03 –

OB1 “Random Act”Soitiz

00-04 – Tassid “It’s Ridiclulous”

Soitiz 01 – Breakin Out The Acid Ep

Soitiz 01-05 – The Badger – “The low down

“Soitiz 01-06 – Fil Devious – “Slur ‘n’ Slice”Soitiz

01-07 – Owen Acid – “True Warrior”{NUMBER ONE ON 909}

Soitiz 01-08 – Nesbit – “The Game”


Soitiz 02 – Droppin The Acid Ep Soitiz 02-09 –

Swifty & Mk303 – “I keep saying no to drugs but they never listen

“Soitiz 02 -10 A.P.- “Whats goin on”

Soitiz 02 -11-  MK303 – “Activate”

Soitiz 02 -12 – Starsky n Hutch aka Josh-inc & The Badger –  “Serious shit”


Soitiz 03 –  13 yrs Ep Soitiz 03-13 –

Steve Mills – “Drug Tek” {NUMBER ONE ON 909}

Soitiz 03-14 – Rene – “Isolation”

Soitiz 03 -15 – Benji303 – “Drug tax” {NUMBER TWO ON 909}

Soitiz 03 – 16  Ceri suss- “Not enough acid”

Soitiz 04 – We’re the people yr parents warned you about Ep 

Soitiz 04-17    Dj Ant – “Tankslapper”

Soitiz 04-18  Bonz & Josh Inc. – “Day 909”

Soitiz  04-19 Owen Acid – “Swift Assault”

Soitiz 04 -20    Nesbit – “Acid power lawnmower”

Soitiz Remixes 4.5 Adid Choci –  Remix : “It’s Ridiculous” – {Tassid}Andy Mussell – Remix :  “Isolation” –

{Rene Reiter} Bad Boy Pete -Remix: “Random Act” – {0B1}0B1 – Remix : “Whats going on” {A.P.}

I was going to promote Soitiz parties again.
I was excited how Soitiz was now becoming, the new platform for upcoming talent, this was alongside the big names, we did have all the Acid Techno dons as such, on the radio with some even on the label & had made plans for some to come to Soitiz studio to play live.
I pulled off one of the best Soitiz indoor parties Worcestershire area – Sat 7th Dec 2013. at a secret location.
All locked in safe n sound, another party went off with great success and everyone left more than happy Thanks to all the DJs who travelled and give up their time to wanted to do the party for Headway Trust who looked after Seb after her accident we made a total of £650 on ticket sales which I give to Headway we had a great line up and everyone did have a good time.

So Jan 2013 Another 12Months worth of radio shows posted out to all the followers. Getting great feedback on the label with Swifty & Autopimp “Audio Processing Solution” {NUMBER ONE ON 909} was a great buzz stopping at number one for a few wks Owen Acid – “True Warrior”{NUMBER ONE ON 909} We were well buzzing about in the Soitiz studio with live shows now also becoming apart of Soitiz radio I
t host live shows every month due to personal reasons We were in the process of releasing our first vinyl release.
Massive thanks to all the DJs /producers who have played for us at Soitiz parties, Soitiz radio far to many to mention.
Wish to thank you all, for the support throughout the bad times, with rigs seized by the old bill,
To the helpers, who heaved our rigs in and out of warehouses, up & down valleys, Danced in the rain, smiled with us in the sunshine in the mornings, sitting in valleys with our regular ska sessions after mammoth techno sessions.
We have had done some amazing parties in 17yrs. The last one for Headway trust 07-12-2013 raising £650 .-Thank you all
Also in memory of my best friends – Betz – Liam – Tom – Jinksy – Mickey – Claire – Maria – James.
Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself now constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you all so much Swifty Soitiz.
Massive thanks to all the DJs /producers who have played for us at Soitiz parties, Soitiz radio far to many to mention.

We set up PCB radio in 2011 after my wife Seb was in a bad road accident leaft her disabled and a host of problems.
After a few weeks of teaching her things around the studio, she was good to go.

As Seb couldn’t stand I built a new studio so we both would be sat down doing the radio shows
We sat & chatted about what music we would be mainly broadcasting
Psychobilly – Country Punk – Rockabilly
So after some deep thinking, I came up with the name “Psychocuntabilly” P.C.B. All three genres in title
We launched the first show on Johnny Cash anniversary 12th September
2013 we dropped the “Psychocuntabilly” as it was upsetting people reading it out & sadly was stopping us getting gigs, so we used the PCB from then on.
In the years I got heavy back into my roots music & the herb & was learning new things about it, that was amazing to me, I went to a few canna events and heard a few talks, but wanted more info as so much was to be questioned,
So after a chat with herberts Jah Tooth {Pcb resident Dj} came up with
“Proprietors of cannabis belief”
So with that, we have moved forward and now have a cannabis educational festival 12th June Derbyshire
So PCB radio is running into its ninth year now.
I will be playing a few sets at PCB – will be on a roots selection, ska, dub, reggae,2tone, bluebeat, rocksteady,ragga


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