Festival information

PCB Radio is organising a Spoken Word educational event {PCB proprietors of cannabis belief}.

About the medicinal and legal aspects of the cannabis plant.

The majority who use this cannabis are disabled or suffer from chronic illnesses and without its use would rely heavily on expensive pharmaceutical medication, that comes with other detrimental side effects.

Dates Friday 11th June 2021

The speakers attending will be talking from personal experience on how CBD & RSO have helped them overcome serious illnesses to the extent of no longer needing pharmaceuticals. These speakers have extensive knowledge of these natural medicines and how to educate attendants on how best to help them. Each speaker will have their platform on-site alongside speaking from the main stage. The topics of discussions will cover:

The legal aspect of cannabis in the UK. Parts of CBD plants are legal.
In-depth talks on the differences of CBD and THC cannabis plants
Medicinal benefits and what chronic illnesses have benefited from CBD use
The legal aspects of the types of THC currently available medically within the UK. Who are eligible for these medicines and how the law is changing.
Cannabis cuisine and topical applications for health and beauty
Environmental issues
Cannabis and mental health
The History of Cannabis
The cannabis plant probably originated in Central Asia, and may have been one of the first plants cultivated by humans. It has been widely consumed by human kind
There will be workshops and displays for attendants to learn and try new experiences.

DJs from PCB Radio will be playing a variety of genres including Roots, Ska, Dub, Reggae, two-tone Ragga, Dancehall, Bluebeat and Rocksteady and we are also having guest acts on plus  a reggae band 
There will be two food vans – One to cater for meat-eaters and one to cater for vegans.
We will have CBD & Herb & Hemp info stalls
Our license does not cover the sale of alcohol.

We are in Co Derbyshire
Our site is glass-free and self-sustainable – We must leave it as we found it be respectful of the surrounding country. You will need to bring your refuse bags and take your rubbish and recycling home with you.

 Festival rules – please read”.

  1. PCB Radio crew are charged with making sure the festival runs smoothly. If one of them asks you for help or requests that you do something different than what you are doing, please listen to their directions.
  2. In the event of an emergency, please listen to and follow the directions of the Safety Chief Officer and Rescue/Emergency professionals.
  3. Festival-goers are expected to exercise common sense and avoid unnecessary risks.
  4. Stay hydrated! Take breaks from the sun! Bring a shade screen or umbrella. Wear a hat, and reapply sunscreen often.
  5. In the event that you find yourself feeling light-headed, sit down and ask a member of the PCB Crew  for assistance.
  6. PCB Radio welcomes all people. Festival-goers will make sure that all attendees have fun by treating others with respect. If a situation arises with another guest, please find a member of the PCB Crew  for assistance.
  7. Please have as much fun as humanly possible, but be sure to do so without impinging upon the abilities of other guest to also have fun and enjoy the day.

“Secondary rules, guidelines, and advice follows for the safety and enjoyment of all guests”

  1. Firearms, weapons, knives, swords, fireworks, and other explosive materials are strictly prohibited.
  2. Alcoholic beverages and illegal substances are not permitted. Possession of either will result in dismissal from the festival grounds.
  3. Pets are not permitted.
  4. Guests are encouraged to bring their own camp chairs, blankets, etc. for a comfortable viewing experience.
  5. Trash goes in the trash receptacles. so we do not provide recycling containers, though we do encourage our vendors to use recyclable products and materials.
  6. If you find a child who has strayed, direct the child to the front gate where security is  . Parents, if you become separated from your child, alert a member of PCB Crew.

No illegal drugs are aloud

None aloud

Over 18s


   Disabled area

Paramedics & ambulance


swifty@pcbradio.com {07909016713}

Swifty Pcb Radio ..”I’ve been organising parties for over 30years – those who know me, know that I know what I’m doing!
This festival is very different as I’m dealing with police and the local council, about a sensitive subject matter.
I want to be able to tun this festival with no hassle/trouble  and all within the law”.




These images are of the site ….

“We at PCB Radio will NOT tolerate any Racism, Hate, Bullying, homophobia, also anyone caught stealing , the security team on site will deal with that.”

“If you carry out any of the above you will be removed from the grounds & banned from all PCB events & PCB Radio  & PCB radio social media platforms”