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    Chris MorganChris Morgan

    Speakers wanted

    We need more speakers for pcb educational festival who are no offence meant here , very knowledgeable on cannabis
    A few of the booked & confirmed speakers are bringing a different side of the culture to the stage
    We have the hemp taken care off {Guy Coxall}

    People who have done research into cannabis & its medicinal purposes and have the research to take to the festival

    People who really know the law with cannabis as so many people just throw their hands up to trumped up charges

    Anyone that has wrote for Magazines or has a book out on cannabis

    People who can do a talk on the two sativa v indica explaining the big differences and what best buds to use in each strain for medical health reasons

    Talkers who would be talking from personal experience on how CBD & RSO have helped them overcome serious illnesses to the extent of no longer needing pharmaceuticals.

    Someone who can do in-dept talk on the differences of CBD and THC cannabis plants
    Cannabis cuisine and topical applications for health and beauty

    The Environmental Downside of Cannabis Cultivation, Wide-scale cannabis cultivation is causing environmental damage across the world

    Cannabis and mental health

    The History of Cannabis -Someone who can dig deep and tell us about its first usage for medial reasons , who started the ball rolling as such

    Contact swifty@pcbradio.com

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