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We have switched supplier we now use skull print 


As standard, we stock –

  • T-shirts (crew neck), Hoodies, Ladyfit vests, tote bags, baby clothes, kids clothes, speaker fabric.
  • T-shirts are stocked size Small to 5XL however the 4XL and 5XL, we only hold black and white.  (Also – t-shirts size 3XL and up are 1.50 pounds  extra – LOTS of fabric, the tee’s just cost more) Colours – Black /white /red /blue /green /purple /pink/navy
  • Ladyfit vests as standard are black or white, size XS – XXL
  • Hoodies – Black or white – Small to 2XL

Now, to customising.   If someone wants one of your tee’s but on a colour we don’t stock/a style we don’t have etc, they only have to tell us at the checkout when ordering the standard item and we will bring in for them.  No extra charge, just takes a couple of days longer.

The only things that incur extra charges (they are set up as optional extras) is long-sleeves on t-shirts and Tie Dyeing which is INCREDIBLY popular and at 4 pounds  to add on,  Also, we delivery worldwide and that is set up automatically and charged at 6 quid  per ORDER

“We at PCB Radio will NOT tolerate any Racism, Hate, Bullying, homophobia, also anyone caught stealing , the security team on site will deal with that.”

“If you carry out any of the above you will be removed from the grounds & banned from all PCB events & PCB Radio  & PCB radio social media platforms”