Murray’s Page


Murray is an 8 year old boy living in Scotland. He has Doose Syndrome/Myoclonic Astatic Epilepsy. A rare form of epilepsy& is difficult to treat. Cannabis oils with THC have successfully stopped his seizures since June 2019- no other medication could!

I am fundraising to help pay for Murrays medicine. He has a rare form of (drug resistant) epilepsy called Doose Syndrome. All medication he has been tried on didnt stop the horrendous life threatening seizures he suffered from. He just suffered serious and severe side effects. He spent months in hospital in a vegetative state. This was until we found medicine abroad that has helped dramatically. He has been seizure free for over a year thanks to this medicine. Unfortunately the NHS will not fund this, which costs us £1,400 per month. We cannot stop giving him the oils as they have been life changing.

Families have set up a charitable (non profit) company on 15th November 2020 called “Intractable”.
Our aim is to gather as much funding as possible to be able to assist with private cannabis prescriptions for children / adults with intractable epilepsy.
We decided to set up this charity due to medical cannabis not being available on the NHS, despite being legalised in 2018.
The more money we raise the more people we can help. We are sharing our gofundme page to try and acquire some funding before our official launch.
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Team “Intractable”