We are still doing our podcast shows
Podcasts about Cannabis & Mental Health issues 
A. We are looking for debaters/speakers , who are using cannabis for their own health issues.
B. Parents who are using it to help with their children’s medical issues .
C. We are also  looking for people who have mental health issues , who are using cannabis to help with it .
D. People with long court battles concerning cannabis , still pending . We understand that you may not be able to talk much about it .
  1. You must be clear on what you will be discussing to us . 
  2. You will be discussing each of you’re subject matters for 15 minutes {not set in stone}
  3. We must get a blog of you, which will be , on what you will discuss , we will then take questions from that.
  4. We can do a live video call between you & us only , which we will edit and upload at later date.
  5. You can come to our studio to do it , this will then be all reordered ,edited then uploaded at later date
  6. Our studio is a smoke zone & cats, dogs  are always about .
  7. We need to have communication between both parties for this to work , if you do want to speak via pms/emails  you can speak to us on phone . 
  8. Contact : Swifty@pcbradio.com   Phone : 07909016713

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