Podcasts about Cannabis & Mental Health issues 

A. We are looking for debaters/speakers, who are using cannabis for their health issues.

B. Parents who are using it to help with their children’s medical issues.

C. We are also looking for people who have mental health issues, who are using cannabis to help with it.

D. People with long court battles concerning cannabis still pending. We understand that you may not be able to talk much about it .

 1. You must be clear on what you will be discussing to us. 

 2. We will be telephoning you, before the podcasts this is to outline everything to you & to open the door of communication between us. 

 3. We then require a blog from the debater, outlining what they wish to discuss & some history of the debater. 

 4. We then select questions from the blog, we then send these questions to the debater, who then has time to think over them, we would suggest to write the replies down before the podcast, this helps in so many ways, the debater doesn’t get lost in thought as such, the editing of the show becomes a little easier for us to carry out. 

 5. So the podcasts are never live, this takes so much stress of everyone, it will be a phone call through “Discords” {https://discord.com/} 

6. Ok so now down to the actual podcast .

 7. We suggest to set yourself up somewhere comfortable with no distractions {if that is possible} 

 8. Please stay as close to the microphone as possible, otherwise your audio will not be loud enough in the recording. 

 9. Have snacks & some drinks that you will need during the podcast, we can pause the recording at any stage. 

 10.You will be discussing each of you’re subject matters for 5/10 minutes {not set in stone}

 11. We can do a live video if you are here in the studiothis will then be all reordered, edited then uploaded at later date.

 12. Our studio is a smoke zone & cats, dogs are always about.

 13. The podcasts are for the public once we upload them. on to FB, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify & PCB radio. 

14. All podcasts will be carried out with Swifty & Luis

 15. This is important if you the debater has being involved or still taking part in growing cannabis illegally, “PLEASE do not mention this in the podcast”. 

This could fall back on the debater where they could incriminate themselves & this could also fall back on all staff members at PCB radio.

16. All previous podcasts can be found in the comment section of this on PCB radio https://pcbradio.com/podcasts/

Contact : Swifty@pcbradio.com   Phone : 07909016713


  • Chris Morgan

    Podcast One
    PCB on line debate with Sarah Godfrey – {27/09/2020}
    September 27 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
    Sarah will be discussing the problems with cannabis produced by pharmaceutical companies and patent-based research. And to briefly discuss how she started making oil at low temperatures and found it to be a more effective anti-inflammatory. Also to mention her hopes for a future of collaboration between patients and researchers and for the future of integrated medicine.

    Press this link will take you to the broadcast on the day
    3:30 Junior Murvin – Police & Thieves
    5:30 Aphex Twin – Xtal
    10:30 Ozric Tentacles – White Rhino Tea
    18:30 Talvin Singh – Traveller
    34:30 Culture Shock – Messed Up

  • Chris Morgan

    Well this is PCB radio third podcast this time we got chatting to Philip Antony Bevington
    Tony is a 80 yr old pensioner , who grew cannabis to help him with his pain & illness
    With stage 3 kidney failure this medicine has stopped his pain, improved his blood readings, and overall, improved his life.
    Sadly Tony now has Stage 4 Terminal Kidney failure due to the police removing his only medicine, he could not afford to get any privately for nearly 9 months, and only got that due to peoples good will, this cannot go on indefinitely, we cannot keep having to rely on the goodwill of others to keep people medicated when we have an NHS people already pay into.
    This is not in the Public Interest to criminalise anyone doing this, let alone and 80 year old pensioner who is already terminally ill.

    He has a court case coming up regarding this . so we decided to contact him & speak about a podcast
    Tony told us quite a bit of information about himself before the podcast .

    He would like to hive a big shout out to Phil @ WTU for all his support . Kevin his right hand man

    All the people who have supported him
    Tony now has medical cannabis , but sadly is now struggling to pay for it .

    So a crowd fund has been set up

    Tonys pages – Twitter : twitter.com/philip_group/statu…Q9g9q6rCUROXB5c

    FB – facebook.com/groups/226832948757886

    FB Profile : facebook.com/pbevington


    7:30 Justin Johnson – Rumblestrippin’

    19:30 Eric Clapton – Lay Down Sally

    26:00 ZZ Top – Gimme All Your Lovin’

    40:30 Stray Cats – Rock This Town

    50:00 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Exodus

    Translate this for me please

    7:30 Justin Johnson – Rumblestrippin’
    19:30 Eric Clapton – Lay Down Sally
    26:00 ZZ Top – Gimme All Your Lovin’
    40:30 Stray Cats – Rock This Town
    50:00 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Exodus

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