Eauan Green – 16.30 Pm

My name is Eauan, I am very new to cannabis activism in the UK, I am administrator & representative for Lincoln Cannabis Social Club. I have previously spoken alongside Stacey to our local newspaper asking: “Cannabis genuinely helps us, why can’t we get it on the NHS?”

Cannabis for me is:

  • Unity & Bringing out the best in people.
  • Brighter & more positive outlook on life.
  • A community of people who care.

My Aim: 

  • To help provide a safer & more educated community surrounding cannabis.
  • Remove the association of criminals & gangs from innocent people who wish to consume cannabis safely.

My Belief: 

  • There is no “recreational” or “medicinal” cannabis.
  • Everyone deserves the option to be part of a safe cannabis community
  • No person should ever be alienated or criminalised for handling a plant.

If a “recreational” cannabis user says: “I want to get high”, the user would of been in a low state of mind prior to consuming cannabis.

If it alleviates someone’s mood, is that not medicating?

My History With Cannabis

From the age of 13, I was pressured into drinking alcohol & smoking cigarettes, it was the socially accepted thing to do. I soon figured out this wasn’t something I enjoyed… alcohol gave me severe headaches & I always spent the next day recovering.

A friend of mine showed me cannabis in the form of hash, broken up & rolled with tobacco in a joint. For almost 10 years, cannabis helped towards my anxiety, mood, hunger & even my relationships with people. Age 23, I decided to research more into cannabis & I was pleased to find a vast amount of information available that I had no idea existed:

  • Safe & regulated Communities
  • Medicinal & industrial research
  • Healthier ways to consume
  • Consuming without tobacco or harmful plant materials

After years of… “cannabis doesn’t help”, “you’ll get addicted”, “you’re just a stoner”.