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We welcome Stacey. Founder of Gainsborough cannabis club also admin for Lincoln canna club.

‘Smoking cannabis helps me get up, face the day and look after my kids’

Stacey, 28, says she couldn’t look after her children properly when she was taking antidepressants – but that changed when she switched to cannabis

A woman is campaigning for the decriminalisation of cannabis after she says the drug ‘saved her from rock bottom.’

Stacey, 28, is a member of the group cannabis campaign group ‘UKCSC’, and has been a user of cannabis for a number of years.

“Essentially I believe that cannabis should be decriminalised and that everybody should have the right to grow their own,” she said.

“Most people use it, or have at least tried it in the past and I don’t believe that people who use this plant should be criminalised.

“It’s a plant that grows naturally and whats more we all have cannabinoid receptors in our brains.

“Most of the members in our group are patients, and people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes.”

Medicinal use of cannabis was legalised in the UK in November last year and is currently available on the NHS. However, it emerged this week that doctors are not prescribing it due to a lack of clinical trials.

A House of Commons health select committee inquiry says patients and families’ hopes were raised when the Government agreed to reschedule medicinal cannabis to make it more available in the light of “the distressing cases of Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell”.

Alfie and Billy have severe epilepsy and their parents have said cannabis is the only method that has given the two boys respite from seizures.

But adequate clinical trials to prove the effects of medicinal cannabis in epilepsy and other conditions have not been carried out. Without that evidence, few doctors are willing to write a prescription.

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